“Radicalisation prevention in prisons” international training in Lisbon Silvia Bernardo September 29, 2017

“Radicalisation prevention in prisons” international training in Lisbon

Participants from seven countries discuss radicalisation in correctional setting and intervention strategies.

From the 24th to the 29th September 2017, twenty-five experts representing seven jurisdictions have gathered to participate in the R2PRIS Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons staff training event that took place in the historical Lisbon prison, in Portugal.

R2Pris staff training Lisbon September 2017

Participants from Belgium, Norway, Turkey, Romania, USA, Switzerland, and Portugal have discussed the threat of radicalisation processes in the prison context; were introduced to to the use of radicalisation prevention training materials (including the R2PRIS e-learning package for frontline staff); were introduced to the use of and provided informed feedback about specifically developed radicalisation screening and risk assessment tools; shared experiences, discussed cases and intervention strategies; took the first step to become users and trainers for an effective implementation of the tools in the different prison systems.

Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons (R2Pris) project seeks to reduce radicalisation and extremism inside prisons by enhancing the competences of frontline staff (correctional officers, educational staff, and psychologists, social workers) to identify, report and interpret signals of radicalisation and respond appropriately.

By bringing together international experts in the field of radicalisation and national prison administrations, R2Pris project aims to offer an innovative training programme for prison staff on how to recognise and prevent the process of radicalisation inside prisons.

For further info about the R2PRIS project, please visit www.r2pris.org