Digital Platforms and Technology pmartinho April 28, 2022

Digital Platforms and Technology

Contributing to the digitalisation of prison systems’ operations 

We promote the digital transformation of criminal justice systems by building IT solutions that solve complex correctional problems. We are involved in all stages of the technological projects’ life cycle: from research to design and software development.

Moreover, we manage a specialised platform that contributes to creating worldwide partnerships and disclose business opportunities between technology providers, specialised suppliers, correctional agencies and research organisations.

Innovative digital solutions


Intelligent Offender Management System


Networking & Business Platform

Digital Corrections

Imagine a prison where all systems are connected — biometric recognition, inmates and staff real-time location systems, CCTV, and building automation solutions — in one integrated platform.

We design and support the implementation of solutions that transform this scenario into reality.

High-skilled experts building innovative tech solutions for the correctional sector

Computer and data scientists

Decision support systems specialists

Artificial Intelligence scientists

Public policy and digital governance specialists

Forensic psychology, penology specialists


Specialists in prison systems operation

Specialists in digital transformation