Developing human capital in prisons – IDECOM workshop Silvia Bernardo February 15, 2016

Developing human capital in prisons – IDECOM workshop

Development and testing of new educational methods for training prison staff transversal skills.

On Monday, 15th of February, IPS and the BSAFE LAB held the first from a series of workshops under the theme “Development of Human Capital in Prison Services”, as part of the IDECOM project – Innovation, Development and Communication for a better education in prison system [], which aims to train professionals whose activity is connected with the prison system.

In this event the participants had the opportunity to explore the results from the first IDECOM output – “Prison staff education needs analysis”. The usefulness of these spaces of reflection was clear to all participants, and several topics of debate and introduction of improvements in the education process were identified.

Senior experts from several organizations linked to the prison system, academia and business world, participated, favoring the creation of a dynamic and diversified debate, which confirmed the innovative value of IDECOM´s project methodology, and it´s usefulness to professionals. Through discussion and sharing, it was possible to identify some critical needs in professional training of prison personnel, thus meeting the expectations for this Workshop.

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