DIGICOR: One step closer towards digitalisation in European Prisons Silvia Bernardo May 31, 2021

DIGICOR: One step closer towards digitalisation in European Prisons

IPS associates to a new project regarding the training of prison staff on digital literacy and technology-based solutions, favouring inmates rehabilitation.

The launch of the ‘DIGICOR: Digitalisation in corrections towards recidivism reduction initiative’ on May 31st, 2021, marks an opportunity to promote a technology-based approach in European prisons.

Running until 2023, prison services around Europe such as Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and Romania, will induct and develop innovative e-learning pedagogies for prison staff and reinforce digital literacy and skills among inmates.

How to promote the inmates’ rehabilitation? 

Drawn by the current digitalisation momentum carried by the COVID-19 pandemic, DIGICOR supports the implementation of technological solutions concerning inmate education, employability, and contact with the outside world, therefore contributing to reducing recidivism rates. 

Digital skills are crucial to increasing the success of inmates’ reintegration. In addition, they can also leverage specific job-skills, which are needed in the current and future labour market. Prison staff (educational/training staff, technicians, and prison officers) play an intermediary role between inmates and technological solutions, which have the power to support recidivism reduction. Hence, DIGICOR seeks to provide training to correctional professionals.


Digitalisation in corrections towards recidivism reduction

DIGICOR project kick-off online conference. May 31st, 2021.

This project fosters a new European prison sector dedicated to maintaining the quality of initial and continuing vocational practices, while seeking to understand the risks and advantages of each technological solution implemented in the prison services of the jurisdictions covered by the initiative.

Besides raising awareness of the importance of modern-day technology in prisons and how it can positively affect inmates, DIGICOR creates durable networking opportunities concerning resource and technical knowledge exchanges.

The project is promoted by the Bremen Senate of Justice and Constitution (Germany) together with IPS Innovative Prison Systems (Portugal), and partners from several european countries, namely the Federal Public Service of Justice (Belgium), the Kahramanmaraş Training Centre (General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses – Turkey), the Directorate-General of Reintegration and Prison Services (Portugal) and European Strategies Consulting (Romania). Morover, the project includes Telio (Germany) as associated technology partner.

Visit DIGICOR project page to find out more about this initiative.