RE[ENTER]: Strengthening the capacity of criminal justice professionals Silvia Bernardo November 28, 2018

RE[ENTER]: Strengthening the capacity of criminal justice professionals

Improving the reintegration of offenders through enhancing the skills and efficacy of the professionals who work with prisoners and ex-prisoners

The RE[ENTER] project‘s coordinator, Freedom Gate Greece, organised and hosted the kickoff meeting of the project, in Athens, Greece, from the 26th to 28th November 2018. The meeting was held at an incubator that aims to reinforce non-profit organisations, called HIGGS.

All the partners, from the seven countries of the project consortium (Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Finland, and Romania), participated in the meeting and had the chance to meet and discuss the project’s plan and strategy especially concerning its implementation and dissemination. At this stage, the project team also defined, in more detail, the roles and responsibilities of each partner, the activities and tasks to be carried out, as well finalised the budgets and laid out the reporting procedures.

RE[ENTER] project kickoff meeting

The RE[ENTER] project focuses on the exchange of good practices concerning psychoeducational tools with the potential to contribute to the capacity-building of correctional staff (prison and probation officers, ONG professionals, volunteers) who work with offenders (both prisoners and ex-prisoners).

The project aims to improve the reintegration of offenders by filling the gap that emerges from the lack of effective services provided to (ex-)inmates by sharing knowledge and experiences to map effective programmes and by training trainers in implementing those programmes.

Consortium developer of the project:

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