“R2PRIS Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons” approved by the EU Silvia Bernardo June 15, 2015

“R2PRIS Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons” approved by the EU

The project R2PRIS – Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons has been approved for funding by the ERASMUS+ funding agency.

Aligned with the current problematics of radicalisation of inmates in European prisons, the R2PRIS project aims to:

1. Create awareness on the broad picture of terrorism, the mind set and narratives used by understanding a) why prisons are a breeding ground for radicalisation; b) the difference between conversion, radicalisation and moving to extremist views (terminology); c) the pathways and levels of radicalisation, role in the network; d) recruitment tactics employed within the prison environment; and e) indicators on how to identify vulnerable people at risk of radicalisation;

2. Develop the tools and instruments for prison administration and line-level staff to recognize signs of radicalisation at an early stage within their specific facility;

3. Provide common, consistent and effective instruments to help staff report their observations to the appropriate intelligence staff;

4. Provide model procedures for intelligence staff to vet the data they receive from prison staff and to appropriately interpret it;

5. Establish a series of training programmes and tools for all staff within a prison to respond appropriately to potential vulnerable individuals at risk of radicalisation.

The consortium is composed by:

A. Research & development providers:

1. BSAFE LAB / UBI University – project promotor (PT)

2. IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (PT)

3. CRSP Romanian Centre for Penitentiary Studies (RO)

B. End-users: 

4. NAP Romanian prison system (RO)

5. Belgium prison system (BE)

6. Kriminalomsorgen – Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Service, NO

7. Turkish prison administration (TR)

… and other prison systems that may want to participate.

C. Dissemination partners


9. EuroPris

For further information about the R2PRIS project, please contact ips@prisonsystems.eu