R2PRIS project in the RAN Collection of Inspiring Practices Silvia Bernardo January 7, 2019

R2PRIS project in the RAN Collection of Inspiring Practices

The R2PRIS project Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons has been included in the DG Migration and Home Affairs’ RAN (Radicalisation Awareness Network) Collection of Inspiring Practices – Prison and Probation Interventions.

R2PRIS is promoted by the BSAFE LAB of UBI University, Portugal, together with IPS_Innovative Prison Systems and the Belgian, Norwegian, Romanian and Turkish prison services, the University of Vest Timisoara, EUROPRIS-European Organisation of Prisons and Correctional Services and ICPA-International Corrections and Prisons Association.

The RAN Collection of Approaches and Practices presents a set of seven practitioners’ approaches in the field of prevention of radicalisation, each of them illustrated by several lessons learned and selected practices and projects.

The RAN Collection is a practical, evolving and growing tool, where practitioners, first liners and policymakers may draw inspiration from, find examples adaptable to their local/specific context and identify counterparts to exchange on prevention experiences.

Being work in progress, the RAN Collection is continuously adjusted and enhanced with new practices from EU/EEA Member States.

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