MenACE: Ageing, mental health and paliative care in Oporto Silvia Bernardo November 6, 2017

MenACE: Ageing, mental health and paliative care in Oporto

Project MenACE presented in international with more than 100 specialists and constitutes.

The 8th International Congress of the Portuguese Society of Psychiatry and Psychology of Justice was held on November 2nd-3rd, 2017, in Oporto, Portugal.

Pedro das Neves, CEO of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, and Vitor Costa, of the BSAFE Lab (Beira Interior University), have presented the transnational project MenACE – Mental Health, Aging and Palliative Care in Prisons, within a broader panel in which a representative of the Portuguese Directorate General of Prison and Probation Services and the Canadian criminal psychology expert Dr. Frank Porporino intervened.

MenACE project presented at at Psychiatry Psychology Congress Porto Nov 2017

The MenACE project includes partners from Portugal, Romania, Belgium and Norway aiming at increasing the response to mental health disorders within prisons and the quality of palliative and end of life care services provided, by enhancing the competencies of management and frontline staff to address prisoners’ mental health needs and the special needs of older prisoners.

Other topics highlighted included the “Attitudes of law enforcement personnel towards incarceration and prisoners”; the “Current mental health status in Spanish prisons”; “Risk and Vulnerabilities in Prison / Social Risk”; “Personality, Accountability, and Crime”; and “Psychiatric and Forensic Psychological Assessment”.

This annual congress brings together more than 100 specialists and constitutes, in Portugal, the most important moment for the study of mental health associated with Justice issues, counting on great names of national and international research and featuring communications and publications from the scientific community and society at large.

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