IPS and Connexall partnering to improve prisons’ efficiency Silvia Bernardo April 24, 2018

IPS and Connexall partnering to improve prisons’ efficiency

Connexall Corrections: IPS_Innovative Prison Systems and GlobeStar Systems, Inc. working together to improve efficiency in correctional systems.

GlobeStar Systems, Inc. and IPS_Innovative Prison Systems announced their partnership to leverage intelligence, security, and process efficiency in correctional systems globally through the deployment of Connexall, GlobeStar’s patented and reputed communications and workflow automation platform.

Connexall is an intelligent communication and workflow automation platform implemented in healthcare facilities, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies all over the world.  Its capabilities act as a backbone for workflow in correctional systems, communicating the right information to the right person, at the right time, on the right device.  Connexall, the leading, award-winning alarm management, and event notification platform creates a “Correctional Care Internet of Things” providing prison-wide interoperability to people, systems, tasks and devices.


Connexall for Corrections
Connexall for corrections: transforming prison services into real systems → View one-sheet

Connexall helps industries with several applications including secure text messaging, facilities management, building automation, workflow communications as well as security and FireAlert. Customizable notifications via voice, text, and email alert all first responders in emergency situations.

The increased efficiencies and improved communication enabled by Connexall’s range of applications enhance community safety and staff satisfaction. “We are very enthusiastic to support Connexall in leveraging such a comprehensive suite of technological solutions in corrections. Experience in more than a thousand sensitive and secure facilities shows the value to all stakeholders”, announced Pedro das Neves, CEO of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems.

David Tavares, CEO of GlobeStar stated: “Connexall is delighted to partner with IPS_Innovative Prison Systems to support the deployment of Connexall’s vendor and device neutral interoperability platform to increase operational efficiency and collaboration across prison systems worldwide.”

The deployment of Connexall into prisons will reduce operating costs, enhance procedures and monitoring capabilities, ultimately improving outcomes to correctional facilities and to the business as a whole.

Learn all about Connexall solutions for correctional systems.


IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (IPS) is a boutique research and consulting firm specialized in the field of justice, penitentiary services, community sanctions and measures, juvenile justice, and law enforcement. IPS’ management team relies on more than 15 years of expertise in policy advisory, strategic consulting, training, and implementation of technology solutions for probation and correctional systems in different countries in Europe and in Central and South America.  IPS develops integrated projects, supporting change management in complex organizations while developing and implementing programs targeting prison staff, top management, and offenders. IPS is also the publisher of JUSTICE TRENDS, a bi-annual premium magazine directed at the global criminal justice and corrections’ community.

GlobeStar Systems, Inc./Connexall is an enterprise-grade event management and control platform that delivers facility-wide interoperability to people, systems, tasks, and devices.  Its capabilities act as a backbone for comprehensive workflow, communicating the right information to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. Connexall is completely vendor-neutral and device-independent. Connexall has offices in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Portugal, and Hong Kong.