Sharing Knowledge and Connections in Corrections – ICPA Conference Silvia Bernardo October 22, 2021

Sharing Knowledge and Connections in Corrections – ICPA Conference

IPS will have an active role in this online event with three presentations across two workshops and a company virtual booth to visit.

With a full committee composed of its consulting and research teams, Innovative Prison Systems will take part in ICPA’s 2021 Annual Conference that is set to occur in an online formatfrom October 26thto the 28th. Research presentations from IPS’ projects will be held by Pedro Liberado, Ângela Fernandes and Ana Rita Pires.

On the 27th within the workshop themed “European Reform Initiatives”, IPS’s Chief Research Officer, Pedro Liberado, together with Vítor Costa, researcher from BSAFE LAB/University of Beira Interior, will talk about their research paper “One size does not fit all: An analysis of exit programmes implemented in European prison and probation settings”. This scientific article was developed within the scope of the WayOut project (Integrated Exit Programme for Prison and Probation). The workshop will occur from 16:50-17:15 WEST .

In the same workshop, Ângela Fernandes, IPS’ Consultant,Senior Researcher and Rehabilitation and Reintegration Portfolio Coordinator, will present “Mental health awareness in prison: educating non-specialised prison professionals”. Her presentation stems from AWARE project (Cross-sectoral awareness building on mental health needs in the criminal justice system and on release), recognised as a “Good Practice” by the National Agency Education at the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (NABIBB ).

On the 28th, in a workshop about “Leadership” taking place from 04:15-04:45 WEST , IPS’ consultant, Ana Rita Pires, will co-present about “Assessment of Leadership competencies in correctional settings: the development of a training course”. This presentation is related to the project LEADCOR – “Leadership development for occupational stress reduction in correctional settings”.

IPS will have a digital booth where participants will be able to know more about the company and its work. Products and services will be displayed and pamphlets and other informative documents available to download,  like the aforementioned “One size does not fit all” research paper or the latest JUSTICE TRENDS Magazine PDF version. It will also be possible to interact directly with the company’s representative through chat or videoconference. Digital stands from a plethora of other companies specialised in the corrections sector will also be available to visit.

The ICPA Annual Conference (Online) 2021 will feature around 70 workshops and over 130 speakers from around the world. To accommodate attendees from all over the globe, the schedule of each conference day will be organised around the working hours of a different time zone (New York, Paris and Sydney, respectively). The presentations will also be made available to watch later, on-demand.

The programme for the live stream sessions and workshops is available here.

The International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) is a worldwide organisation devoted to enhancing cooperation between correctional professionals and practitioners from all backgrounds and organisation types. It promotes a philosophy of “imprisonment as a last resort”, supporting the development and implementation of humane and effective correctional policies and practices. Innovative Prison Systems is a Silver Member of ICPA.