European Arrest Warrant & Human Rights: Online Course Launched Silvia Bernardo August 5, 2021

European Arrest Warrant & Human Rights: Online Course Launched

“Implementing the European Arrest Warrant (EAW): Promoting Human Rights” is a free e-learning course that contibutes to deepen the knowledge of the European Arrest Warrant operational aspects and to promote good/promising practices about its use.

This online course aims to promote a better understanding of the detention conditions assessment and increase the practitioners’ knowledge of the reality around the European Arrest Warrant and Human Rights, with a particular focus on Germany, Italy, Portugal and Romania.

This brief training is aimed at judges and prosecutors from all countries of the European Union. The course consists of totally asynchronous sessions, in English that take about five hours to complete.

Lawyers, practitioners from non-governmental organisations, researchers and members of the academia, in the field of criminal justice, can also take a version of the course (including sessions about the Basic concepts on EU judicial cooperation, surrenders and extradition and Practical future of the Law), with an approximate duration of two hours of training.

Course attendees can complete the sessions at their own pace, over several days, according to their availability.


Course structure: from the basic concepts to next steps

Module I – Understanding the context

  • Basic concepts on EU judicial cooperation, surrenders and extradition
  • Operational aspects of EAWs

Module II – Pressing issues and possible solutions

  • Human Rights and the EAW – Detention conditions and practices
  • Good/promising practices and transferable working methods

Module III – Practical future of the EAW

  • Next steps for the EAW application and European judicial cooperation


Interested participants can sign up for this free online course until August 15, 2021


Participants get a certificate of participation

Participants who enroll in this course will be admitted on a first-come first-served basis (up to the maximum capacity of 70 places available). Additionally, this course offers a certificate of participation, which is automatically issued by the e-Learning platform upon completion of the course sessions.


An e-Learning course developed under a European project

The e-Learning course “Implementing the European Arrest Warrant (EAW): Promoting Human Rights” has been developed in the scope of the AWARE-EAW project, which is funded by the European Commission – DG JUST and coordinated by the Senate of Justice and Constitution of Bremen (Germany).

The AWARE EAW project aims at increasing the cross-border cooperation between EU Member States using two Framework Decisions (FDs) in particular: 2002/584/JHA on the European arrest warrant and the surrender procedures between Member States and 2008/909/JHA on the application of the principle of mutual recognition to judgments in criminal matters imposing custodial sentences or measures involving deprivation of liberty for the purpose of their enforcement in the European Union.

Learn more on the AWARE-EAW project.