BLEEP project on b-learning for prisoners receives Erasmus+ support Silvia Bernardo July 15, 2019

BLEEP project on b-learning for prisoners receives Erasmus+ support

BLEEP project – Blended Learning Environment for European Prisoners has been awarded support by Erasmus+ programme: KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

BLEEP is a project about digital inclusion in the scope of correctional services. It foresees the creation and implementation of an innovative, creative, Europe-focused, blended learning platform for all prisoners and ex-prisoners.

This project will also contribute to the prison staff professional development, namely their own lifelong learning plans and digital skills. Moreover, BLEEP project integrates educational and reintegration learning processes which will have a positive impact on the development of skills and on the reintegration chances of prisoners.

The project is promoted by a partner organisation based in The Netherlands: Click F1. Moreover, BLEEP project counts with partners from several other European jurisdictions, namely IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (Portugal), Chains (The Netherlands), Kocaeli Open Correctional Institution (Turkey), STEPS (Italy), Exodus Foundation South Holland (Stichting Exodus Zuid-Holland), from The Netherlands, Bucharest-Jilava prison (Romania), Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services (Portugal), and EPEA – European Prison Education Association (The Netherlands).


For further information please visit the project’s webpage and/or contact us at