AWARE: Reintegration of offenders with mental health problems Silvia Bernardo December 21, 2018

AWARE: Reintegration of offenders with mental health problems

Raising awareness about mental health to promote better interagency work and better outcomes for offenders.

The event that marked the launch of the AWARE project took place in Bremen, Germany, on the 20th & 21st December 2018.

This project – whose acronym stands for ​Cross-sectoral awareness building on mental health needs ​in the criminal justice system and on release –  is an integrated response to non-discrimination and to the social inclusion of those who suffer from the double challenge and stigma of having both a criminal record and mental health problems.

The partnership will develop a training course for people working in the criminal justice system, communities and families of prisoners. The objectives are both to raise awareness and to offer practical support so that we are all better able to support mental health sufferers at critical points during their release from prison.

The AWARE project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

Learn more about this project on our dedicated page and/or on the project’s own website.