Itinerariul Dialog

Social dialogue for better prisons


01/2013 - 10/2014 (22 months)

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Developing social dialogue among stakeholders in the prison sector through a participatory and immersive model

This project aims to develop the social dialogue capacity between Prison Union (SNLP) and its Public Administration counterpart (prison administration) through the design and testing of a participatory social dialogue immersive experience model.


  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Romania


  • Norway Grants (Innovation Norway)


Delivery of a training program (negotiation/mediation) both to public administration top Management and union representatives (with a focus on simulations).

Building up a joint social dialogue road map (immersive model) focusing on priorities and practicability of actions adapted to prisons context.

The promotion of the unionization of workers implementing participative strategies and actions.

The dissemination of outputs and achievements towards other unions and federations.

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