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Corrections Learning Academy

The Corrections Learning Academy (CLA) is an online training platform with real-time and self-paced programmes from different technical areas. Correctional professionals can acquire relevant knowledge and master new skills and concepts.

The CLA team comprises certified instructors responsible for training, developing masterclasses and providing personalised one-on-one mentoring.

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Specialised online training courses designed for corrections professionals

The Corrections Learning Academy has everything you need in an online educational platform for Correctional professionals, from flexible self-paced programmes to instructor-led training courses.

Many other courses skim the surface. We go deep and equip you with tactical, practical skills and tools. The tailor-made courses were intentionally designed for Correctional professionals due to extensive research, more than 20 years of sector experience, and intensive testing with officers in real-life settings.

Our specialised training courses address different audiences, namely:

  • Prison governors, deputies, and management staff;
  • Security agents, social workers, psychologists and rehabilitation personnel;
  • Volunteers;
  • Police;
  • Other professional groups.

Highlighted features

Training flexibility

Build up your correctional skills at any time, and anywhere, at your own pace with self-paced or group and tutored programmes.

Specialised online courses

Each course is an interactive textbook featuring videos, virtual training sessions, e-Learning materials, quizzes, projects and assignments.

Insightful live masterclasses

Enrol in a masterclass with a dedicated tutor and get personalised one-on-one mentoring sessions to clarify doubts or discuss ideas.

Special plans for Correctional Agencies

Register for an annual subscription for a minimum number of users — the more you have, the more you save — and get assistance along the way.

5-step guide to growing your expertise in corrections

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After finishing the course, learners be awarded a Certificate of Completion

Core Correctional Skills

Masterclass: How to create a Working Alliance

A roadmap to nurturing quality relationships with inmates to achieve better treatment outcomes and reduce reoffending.

Different studies have demonstrated what comprises the main ingredients of effective correctional interventions. One of these ingredients is a good quality working alliance (WA). But what is a working alliance, and how can it be enhanced? How does this work in real-life settings? How to deal with difficult moments? These are only a few questions that this masterclass will answer.

Tutored by Dr Ioan Durnescu

Questions & Answers

Corrections Learning Academy has everything you need in an online educational platform tailored for corrections professionals.

After successfully finishing the course, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Completion to prove your learning activities.

We offer flexible modalities to suit your needs. There are two membership plans available at CLA: Agency and Tailored courses. Browse the pricing page to learn more about these options, or contact us if you wish to get a quote. The “Pay-as-you-go” plan refers to the prices of each course shown in the course catalogue.

Annual Plans come with a discount and run on a one-year billing cycle, with cancellation available for the following year.

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