New manual: preparing prison staff to work with inmates’ reintegration into society Silvia Bernardo April 27, 2021

New manual: preparing prison staff to work with inmates’ reintegration into society

The manual “Inmate Reintegration: Compilation of Theory and Practices” — a product of the RE[ENTER] project implementation —, aims to contribute to the training of professionals and volunteers who already work or wish to work in the correctional system.

Running until April 2021, RE[ENTER] is a project that aims to support the education of correctional officers with the appropriate tools and knowledge of good practices concerning inmates and ex-inmates’ reintegration into society.

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More than a list of good practices, an essential training handbook

The RE[ENTER] manual comes in line with revised literature and addresses theoretical topics, including the principles of criminology, the consequences of incarceration, diversity, and the phenomenon of radicalisation in prisons.

Additionally, this guide covers experiences of implementing programmes and provides a list of good practices on different issues, such as the psycho-educational programmes (e.g. anger management, moral discussion groups).

Subjects addressed by the RE[ENTER] manual:

  • Crime phenomenon and criminology;
  • Incarceration consequences;
  • Diversity and radicalisation;
  • Working in prisons;
  • Good practices and skills on psycho-educational tools application on inmates.


Webinar: Presenting the RE[ENTER] manual in Portugal

The manual will be introduced during the webinar, organised by IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, on the 29th of April 2021, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm (WEST time). The free online session targets future correctional staff (prison and probation officers, ONG professionals, volunteers) working in Portugal.

If you are interested in participating, register to save your online seat.


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