Corrections Learning Academy: Turn small steps into giant leaps Silvia Bernardo May 17, 2021

Corrections Learning Academy: Turn small steps into giant leaps

Embracing real growth is about committing to the journey — and turning small steps into giant leaps. If you work in Corrections, we challenge you to take a new learning journey at the Corrections Learning Academy (CLA).

Whether you face complex challenges in your daily work or struggle to find relevant, reliable, up-to-date training options, the CLA course library is the right solution for you.

The Corrections Learning Academy has everything you need in an online educational platform for Correctional professionals, from flexible self-paced programmes to instructor-led training courses.

The CLA is powered by IPS

For more than 20 years, the IPS_Innovative Prison Systems has created extensive research in the Criminal Justice field and built worldwide partnerships to promote innovative training solutions and approaches. These courses result from many years of intensive testing with Correctional officers in real-life settings.


Highlighted features

Training flexibility
You can choose to learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, following the course modules according to your schedule. This way, you can start learning new skills in your spare time, without due dates for the tests and assignments.

Live online classes
Virtual sessions with instructors are part of the group and tutored programmes’ curriculum, where a group of learners is assigned to an online classroom. The sessions are facilitated through a video-conferencing app available directly on the platform.

Guest lecturers
We are committed to supporting and inspiring our trainees by frequently inviting experts from various backgrounds and career paths in the field of Corrections to share their expertise. They are knowledgeable and, above all, passionate about their work.

A masterclass is a one-time virtual event — that might extend over multiple online sessions. Invited tutors guide the trainees in real-time with a hands-on approach. You can expect to be part of interactive presentations, get the support you need to master a new skill or even have one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Soon, we will host a Masterclass aimed at Correctional personnel, tutored by Prof Dr Ioan Durnescu, themed “How to create a Working Alliance” in Corrections. Register today to secure your online seat.


Interactive textbooks

Each class is an interactive textbook featuring videos, virtual training sessions, e-Learning materials, quizzes, projects, and assignments. You can have permanent access to theoretical presentations online from any device at any time.

Many other courses skim the surface. We go deep and equip you with tactical, practical skills and tools. They were intentionally designed for Correctional professionals due to extensive research and more than 20 years of sector experience, and intensive testing with officers in real-life settings.

At the CLA course library, you will find courses from several areas of expertise such as:

  • Radicalisation and extremism prevention
  • Leadership development
  • Staff health and wellbeing
  • Dynamic security and prison intelligence
  • Prison work and industries
  • Prison health
  • Prison education
  • Inmate rehabilitation

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