8th JUSTICE TRENDS published: Unique interviews with Corrections leaders globally Silvia Bernardo March 22, 2022

8th JUSTICE TRENDS published: Unique interviews with Corrections leaders globally

The new issue is filled with exclusive interviews with correctional leaders and experts, insightful articles, and debates on pressing issues. As usual, the package results in an unmatched publication that captures corrections’ international state of affairs.



In each interview, a window into the global picture of each nation’s prisons

Once more, this edition of JUSTICE TRENDS Magazine brings conversations with personalities of the justice field from all over the globe.

The cover interview features Peter Maurer, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross. Mr Maurer describes what the organisation is doing for prisoners and detainees worldwide and their challenges in their work in prisons and detention facilities.

JUSTICE TRENDS No. 8 publishes exclusive interviews with the Directors-General of Prison and Probation Services from Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, Namibia, and Iraq’s Kurdistan Region.

It also features an interview with the Secretary of State for the Prison Administration of Santa Catarina, Brazil, and the American Probation and Parole Association’s President of the Board of Directors.

In each case, the conversation explores the specific issues in their region, their leadership and institutional focus, and the successful practices underway.

With the central theme of the last edition still relevant today, the interviews also seek to understand what new challenges and opportunities the COVID-19 pandemic brought to correctional organisations. The conversations published also examine if changes are to stay beyond the global public health crisis.

Moreover, JUSTICE TRENDS #8 features an interview with Dr James Bonta, one of the most important contemporary authors in offender assessment and rehabilitation, co-author of the widely followed work “Psychology of Criminal Conduct”.

In his interview, Dr Bonta talks about the development and evolution of the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) model, developed to guide offenders’ assessment and rehabilitation. Still, its co-author reveals that many correctional administrations could be failing to apply it well.

Additionally, in line with the publication’s central theme, Douglas Dretke, Executive Director of the Correctional Management Institute of Texas, explains in his interview what their training programmes are doing for correctional professionals in the US and beyond.

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Correctional staff training and development in the spotlight

JUSTICE TRENDS Magazine 8th edition focuses on correctional staff training and development’s importance and challenges. The topic is discussed across ten exclusive and unique interviews and condensed in an Experts’ Panel.

In the face of new challenges and demands of a system-wide transformation, are prison officers adequately educated and trained?

The Correctional Staff Management and Development team of researchers and experts at IPS_Innovative Prison Systems and JUSTICE TRENDS Director, Pedro das Neves, authored an article introducing the subject.

This article is the stage for another piece spotlighting the contributions from many Directors-General of prison and probation administrations, correctional experts and leaders from the five continents.

Essentially, the text explores the role of prison officers, especially in Europe, and the diversity of standards in their education and training.

The authors have found that “The prison officers’ (PO) profession remains in a grey area, rooted in country-specificities, often socially trapped in old preconceptions […]”.

Furthermore, the essay demonstrates that workplace, social and political, and other challenges play an essential role in the professional training of prison officers.

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Exploring innovative technological solutions for prisons and probation

Many of this edition’s articles fall into an overarching theme of pushing the limits of technology and modernisation in the correctional sector.

Last issue’s cover, the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, returns for this issue. He contributed with an op-ed article presenting his three proposals to modernise the European justice system considering the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the article “Corrections as a Societal Driver: The Case for Modernization“, the authors argue why we should look beyond recidivism reduction metrics and create the conditions to actively contribute to the economy, environmental change, and diversity.

The Smart Prison project in Finland has produced an insightful update on the initiative. Their article details all the new programmes being implemented and tested in the project’s scope, including new initiatives based on Artificial Intelligence.

Explore insightful articles and perspectives on pressing issues all prisons and probation.

This edition also includes a paper on the problem and solutions concerning radicalisation prevention and the rehabilitation of extremist offenders.

Pedro Liberado and Vânia Sampaio sign the article “Extremist offender rehabilitation: Innovative, multiple and overlapping approaches as the path to success”.

This contribution, from the Radicalisation and Violent Extremism experts at IPS, emphasises the problem and the work in progress with the MIRAD project, involving several European jurisdictions and NGOs.

The new JUSTICE TRENDS also includes insightful articles spanning pressing matters in the Criminal Justice arena. Featured topics include artificial intelligence in correctional settings, inmate communications, electronic monitoring, and technological solutions to improve assessments and public safety.

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