Technology in Corrections: Digital transformation of correctional services Silvia Bernardo April 4, 2019

Technology in Corrections: Digital transformation of correctional services

The event was attended by 250 participants, including many CIOs from prison and probation services, not only from Europe but from numerous jurisdictions around the world.

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems is pleased to have participated the 3rd Global Corrections Digital Technology International Conference, this year under the theme “Technology in Corrections: Digital Transformation”, from the 2nd to the 4th of April, 2019 in Lisbon.

Technology in corrections Conference 2019

The Conference officially started at the end of the afternoon of April 2, with a reception at the Óbidos Count Palace, in the Tagus riverfront area of Lisbon. On this occasion, Dr Rómulo Mateus, the General Director of Reintegration and Prison Services of Portugal, welcomed the Conference’s participants, who then had their first of many networking moments within this international event.

On 3 April, before 9:00 a.m., the Conference sessions began. The opening of the event was marked by the excellent presence and speech of the Honorable Minister of Justice of Portugal, Dr Francisca van Dunem. Her Excellency made a preamble on the host country’s criminal justice situation in general, and on the application of technology within the Portuguese correctional services. The Minister drew the attention of the audience, a full room, to the need for technological innovation towards the efficiency of justice and correctional systems.

The last edition of the JUSTICE TRENDS Magazine – the 4th issue that includes an exclusive interview with Minister Van Dunem, who is featured on the cover – was made available to all participants.

On the first morning of the conference, after the opening and a panel discussion entitled CIO Perspectives, it’s time for the Moderated Panel Session: Digital Transformation – The Portuguese Perspective. The representatives of the Directorate-General of Reintegration and Prison Services (DGRSP) as well as Mr Pedro das Neves, CEO of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, addressed the audience. The latter presented on how he and the IPS team have been involved in working towards the innovation (also through technology) of correctional services for the last two decades.

Furthermore, IPS_Innovative Prison Systems was present, at the Conference’s exhibition area, in partnership with Connexall. Connexall is a multinational tech company providing a powerful platform for communication, connectivity and systems’ integration, allowing correctional services to make the most of their technology, be it in prison or probation settings. Learn more about IPS-Connexall partnership for the correctional sector.

Throughout two information-filled days of Conference, the focus was on the digital transformation of correctional services. Thus, numerous ICT talks and parallel presentations took place. Please refer to the event programme for further details.

The event has been jointly organised by EuroPris, ICPA and hosted by DGRSP.