Training platform to prevent emotional and sexual abuse among youth Silvia Bernardo January 27, 2022

Training platform to prevent emotional and sexual abuse among youth

The PREVEX project is researching and developing new resources to create training programmes to enhance emotional and sexual education in Europe.

The access of youngsters to emotional and sexual education has been a struggle for countries, NGOs, and different local organisations across Europe.

Nowadays, access to comprehensive education on sexuality is a fundamental right. Despite the implementation of educative programmes on sexuality among young people, the results don’t prove to be effective.

Comprehensive sexual education allows young people to develop their social and sexual relations based on respect. This perspective enables them to think about how their choices affect their well-being and others.

The PREVEX “Training Platform on The Prevention of Emotional and Sexual Abuse Among Youth” project aims to update the knowledge on the violent, criminal, and social dimensions of sexual deviance. The consortium seeks to use this knowledge to promote education in Universities about such crucial topics.

The PREVEX proposal 

The project intends to develop a coherent training plan to promote sexual violence prevention skills among teenagers. Planning to reach this audience indirectly, PREVEX proposes creating new multilingual resources to facilitate a better approach of education professionals to emotional and sexual education.

Besides teachers, the programme contents will also aim at other professionals that work directly with youth, namely judges, special educators, psychologists and security. The partners will implement a training platform for the digital resources resulting from the project. This training pool of materials will be branched according to the needs of these professionals.

Moreover, the project framework will provide training to higher education professionals to detect and anticipate sexual violence signs among students or sexual harassment within university campuses.


Experts from six countries gathered to discuss challenges and solutions for sexual and emotional abuse prevention.

PREVEX officially kicked off with a virtual meeting where partners discussed the project first steps and expected results. Held on the 26th and 27th of January 2022, this first meeting brought together the project promoter Association Les Militants des Savoirs (The Conveyors of Knowledge) from France and all partners in the consortium, namely IPS_Innovative Prison Systems (Portugal), BSAFE LAB – Law Enforcement, Justice and Public Safety Research and Technology Transfer Lab, Beira Interior University (Portugal), University of Calabria (Italy), University of Lille (France), Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Austria), Rey Juan Carlos University (Spain) and University of Malta.

For more information on the PREVEX project, please visit its page.