IDECOM funded: New educational methods for training prison staff transversal skills Silvia Bernardo June 2, 2014

IDECOM funded: New educational methods for training prison staff transversal skills

 With an overall budget of approximately 300.000,00 euro, the IDECOM project aims at the development and implementation of new educational methods in the training of prison staff focusing in transversal skills.

The project “IDECOM Innovation, Development and Communication for better staff training in Prison Systems” promoted by the National Prison Administration of Romania, prison of Timisoara, has been approved for funding by the ERASMUS + Romanian Agency. IDECOM has been ranked as #3 in the ERASMUS + romanian national ranking.

Due to its’ special characteristics it has been acknowledged the importance to innovate training programs in the prison context. Most of the prison services are committed with this need. Some work has been carried out in different fields, but mainly in the reintegration area which than produces effects in the development of alternative and innovative programs for offenders.

The investment in multidisciplinary training, i.e., involving different prison staff, including guards (officers), administrative staff, psychologists, social reintegration staff, in transversal skills training actions, such as innovation and entrepreneurship, communication and teamwork, and ICT is quite new. Specific training, especially for administrative and security staff, can increase the pace of innovative educational programs introduction reinforcing and complementing actions currently in effect.

 Project partners include:

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