R2PRIS project presented at international seminar in Ankara Silvia Bernardo November 8, 2017

R2PRIS project presented at international seminar in Ankara

In the purview of the R2PRIS project – which addresses the prevention of radicalization in prisons – The CEO of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, Pedro das Neves, took part in the 5th project meeting and international seminar.

The event was hosted by the Turkish General Directorate of Prisons and Detention Houses, in Ankara, on 7th and 8th November 2017.

IPS_Innovative Prison Systems and BSAFE LAB have presented the review of the project’s implementation progress, the screening tool, the training curricula and programme, the train the trainer course, the e-Learning course, and the handbook and online repository of the best practices on radicalization prevention in prisons.

R2PRIS project 5th meeting and international seminar

Furthermore, on the table was also the discussion of the Short-Term Joint Staff Training in Lisbon and the preparation of the upcoming suchlike training activities to be held within the scope of the project.

The second day of the meeting was the stage for the project’s national seminar, where dissemination and management topics were discussed, having closed with the project internal evaluation.

This two-day event was attended not only by the representatives of the R2PRIS project transnational consortia but also by several other participants from several countries including Austria, Spain, Greece, France, Hungary, the USA, among others.

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