Open class on “Radicalisation: a Challenge to European Societies” Silvia Bernardo November 3, 2015

Open class on “Radicalisation: a Challenge to European Societies”

In the framework of the R2Pris project on radicalisation prevention, Pedro das Neves, IPS’s CEO, addressed and audience of university students, teachers and professionals in an open class.

The event was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Beira Interior University on November 3rd, 2015.  The introductory session was followed by a roundtable discussion with:

  • Siham Sidali (Norway)
  • Marian Stancovici and Adrian Neagoe (Romania)
  • Kirsten Hawlitschek (EuroPris)
  • Gary Hill (USA, ICPA)
  • Florin Lobont (Romanian Centre for Prison Studies, University of Vest Timisoara)
  • Halil Ibrahim Dizman (Turkey)

 R2Pris Radicalisation Prevention in Prisons project seeks to reduce radicalisation and extremism inside prisons by enhancing the competences of frontline staff (correctional officers, educational staff and psychologists, social workers) to identify, report and interpret signals of radicalisation and respond appropriately. Bringing together international experts in the field of radicalisation and national prison administrations, R2pris project aims to offer an innovative training programme for prison staff on how to recognise and prevent the process of radicalisation inside prisons.

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