R2PRIS and MenACE results presented at the ICPA2018 Silvia Bernardo October 25, 2018

R2PRIS and MenACE results presented at the ICPA2018

Two projects on the table to analise and discuss. Results in radicalisation prevention and mental health needs in prison.

R2PRIS and MenACE were presented at the ICPA Annual Conference which took place between 21 and 26 October 2018 in Montreal, Canada.

The first presentation took place on October 23, 2018, and was developed around the results of three years of implementation of the pilot R2PRIS Prevention of Radicalisation in European Prisons.


Entitled “R2PRIS – A multi-level approach to deal with radicalisation prevention in prisons: results from 3 years of development in Europe”, the communication made by Pedro das Neves (IPS Innovative Prison Systems) and Kathleen Van de Vijver (Belgian Prison service) reported the results of the mentioned pilot which counted with the collaboration of the Belgian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish correctional services together with the BSAFE LAB, ICPA, EuroPris, IPS_Innovative Prison Systems and the Univ. of Timisoara.

During the session, the speakers presented the multilevel assessment system and tools (the Helicopter view, the Frontline Behavioural Observation Guidelines; the radicalisation screening technical assessment; and the CIRA Critical Incidents Readiness Assessment) that have been developed in the scope of the project; as well as the training instruments and certification process. Based on the R2PRIS experience, speakers and participants discussed the strategies followed by different countries to prevent radicalisation and to counter the phenomenon of extremism in prisons.

On the 25th, it was the turn of the MenACE project to be presented by the same speakers, through the communication “Mental Health, Ageing and Palliative Care: challenges and responses for Correctional Services”.

In this session, Kathleen van de Vijver and Pedro das Neves presented the progress and main developments of the MenACE Mental Health, Ageing and Palliative Care project. Developed by a consortium that includes the Correctional Services of Belgium, Romania and Portugal, the Helse Bergen HF Haukeland University Hospital from Norway, Hospice Casa Sperantiei (Romania), the BSAFE LAB of the UBI University, IPS Innovative Prison Systems, and EuroPris , this project aims to increase the response to mental health disorders within prisons and the quality of palliative and end of life care services provided, by enhancing the competences of management and frontline staff to address the prisoners’ mental health needs and the special needs of older prisoners.