PROMPT: Stimulating peer support in probation settings Silvia Bernardo February 8, 2018

PROMPT: Stimulating peer support in probation settings

Exploring and implementing an approach to build social capital and resilience within people that are under probational measures.

The official kick-off meeting of the project PPROMPT (Peer Pro-Social Modeling in Probation) happened in Ankara, Turkey, on February 8th and 9th, 2018.

The event was organized and led by the Ministry of Justice Ankara General Prosecutor’s Office. The Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Aytekin Cenikli, spoke at the meeting and emphasized the ever-growing importance and qualification of the Turkish Probation System since its establishment in 2005.


The PPROMPT project seeks the establishment of peer support in probation settings, focusing on the enhancement of law-abiding social skills, attitudes, and behaviors among those who are on probation, hence, it foresees the setting up of a Peer Pro-Social Model Team, trained by probation professionals in the field.

The kick-off event of the PPROMPT project has had media coverage and a video report was disseminated on national Turkish TV and is available online:

The promoter of PPROMPT is the Turkish Probation authorities and project partners include the Portuguese Prison and Probation System (DGRSP), IPS_Innovative Prison Systems, and the probation advisory firm European Strategies Consulting (Romania).

For further information on the PPROMPT project (including its specific goals and expected outcomes) please visit this page.