IPS and APROXIMAR develop training for volunteers in prisons Silvia Bernardo February 5, 2016

IPS and APROXIMAR develop training for volunteers in prisons

On February 5th 2016, APROXIMAR performed a pilot training in Lisbon for volunteers working in prisons, aiming to test the Training Program for Volunteers developed within JIVE project.

This pilot training was developed in collaboration with DGRSP – Direção Geral de Reinserção e Serviços Prisionais (Portuguese Prison and Probation Service) and had the experience and expertise of Dr Ludgero Paninho, Deputy Director of Monsanto prison.

Twelve participants engaged in debates, reflections and shared experiences of their knowledge of Criminal Justice System and Risks, problems and boundaries within prison.

According to Tiago Leitão, representing both APROXIMAR and IPS, participants shared their testimonies about what they felt regarding the training and about what can it be done to improve their role as volunteers in prison

 «Very valuable experience and very practical»

Pedro Almeida, Associação Renascer

 «This training balanced the theoretical content, which was transmitted effectively (…), with the richness of all experiences shared (…). It will be very useful indeed for the experience of volunteering»

Isabel Prata Coelho, Confiar

 «This training proved to be of vital importance (…). The contents are very useful (…) and I learned a lot (…)»

Luís Graça, Confiar

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