IPS’ CEO receives Consultant of the Year Award Silvia Bernardo October 8, 2021

IPS’ CEO receives Consultant of the Year Award

With this award, the Portuguese Association of Investment and Innovation Consultants distinguishes the importance and extent of the consultancy work that Pedro das Neves does in favour of criminal justice systems’ innovation and reform around the world.

Innovative Prison Systems’ CEO, Pedro das Neves, was granted the honour of 2019’s Consultant of the Year at PORTUGAL 2030 Consulting Summit, an event organised by ACONSULTIIP (Consulting Association of Investment and Innovation of Portugal) on October 8th at Culturgest in Lisbon.

“Naturally [the award] is not mine. It’s for the people that work with me and made all this possible in 2019 and the following years.” Pedro das Neves mentions in his acceptance speech. He adds: “If in 1989, when I first entered a prison, someone had told me I would be receiving an award as a prison systems consultant, I wouldn’t believe it”.  “If in 2000, when João Cabral and I proposed an e-learning project to General Directorate of Prison Services, someone told me I would work with prisons for the next 20 years, I wouldn’t believe it. Effectively, that’s what we’ve been doing, what IPS’s been doing, and I thank you for this recognition”, Pedro das Neves concludes.

Pedro das Neves with Ana Maria Evans and Carlos Rodrigues

Pedro das Neves with Ana Maria EvansIPS’ Chief Innovation Officer, and Carlos RodriguesIPS’ CFO

The event PORTUGAL 2030 Consulting Summit was centred around business strategies and challenges in the Portuguese economy and the respective role of consulting agents. Augusto Mateus, former Portuguese economy minister and a renowned consultant in Portugal, was the guest speaker, presenting his ideas on the country’s economy challenges for the current decade up to 2030.

Other panels presented included “Specialisation and competitivity of the post-pandemic Portuguese economy”, “Sustainable and integrated territory development”, and “Portugal 2030, Recovery and Resilience Plan, and the reinforcement of competitivity and internationalisation”. The complete event recording is now available online and free to watch on the organiser’s video sharing platform.

ACONSULTIIP is an association of consulting professionals in management, innovation, technology and training that strives to promote and contribute to the betterment of consultants in their intervention areas.