IPS at Youth Radicalisation Seminar in Albania Silvia Bernardo November 22, 2018

IPS at Youth Radicalisation Seminar in Albania

Resources and strategies for youth workers to prevent radivalisation in debate with 40 professionals from twenty-six countries.

The training seminar entitled “Building Young People Against Violent Radicalisation” took place in Tirana, Albania, between the 19th and 24th of November 2018.

The seminar was part of the strategy on the topic of ‘Youth Work Against Violent Radicalisation’, which has been developed by a consortium of National Agencies for Erasmus+, youth field, four SALTO Resource Centres and the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership since 2016. The focus was to strengthen the role of youth work in the context of increasing religious and political radicalism in today’s societies, in Europe and its neighbouring regions.

Seminar youth radicalisation

In this context, the seminar offered a space to share practices between all kinds of different actors in building community resilience against the violent radicalisation of young people, to discuss about the role of different actors in the prevention of young people’s radicalisation leading to violence while analysing the transferability of existing practices and tools to other contexts, to raise the visibility of the role that non-formal education can play in building community resilience, and especially to explore possible interdependencies between different approaches and how to implement effective strategies.

Pedro Liberado attended the seminar on behalf of IPS_Innovative Prison Systems. Mr Liberado was invited to present the R2PRIS multi-level approach on preventing radicalisation within the prison context (Radicalisation Risk Assesment in Prisons – RRAP Toolset) during the second day of training.

The seminar counted with the participation of 40 professionals representing research centres, public/governmental bodies and NGO’s from twenty-six countries. Moreover, it comprised visits to the Albanian Centre for the Prevention and Counter Violent Extremism and to the Albanian Helsinki Committee.