IPS and SIVECO provide educational contents to foreigners in prison Silvia Bernardo March 23, 2017

IPS and SIVECO provide educational contents to foreigners in prison

IPS and SIVECO have partnered up to assist prisons and prison administrations in the implementation of technology-enhanced education solutions, through the delivery of digital contents to inmates serving sentence abroad.

The educational offer – especially directed at foreign nationals imprisoned abroad – comprises more than 30.000 learning objects in accordance with national education curricula in Romanian, Arabic,  Russian, Greek, French, and English.

According to Council of Europe statistics, around 18% of prisons’ population in the European Union (data from September 2014) were foreigners, the majority of these coming from within the EU.

The Council of Europe, the European Union and the United Nations have established legislation concerning the rights of prisoners, and some of them focus on their right to have access to education. Having difficulties in expressing and in understanding the host-country language, foreign inmates normally face higher challenges than nationals.

Hence, the partnership between IPS_Innovative Prison Systems and SIVECO aims to address the requirement for modern, digital, educational and learning solutions directed at foreign inmates, including the design and implementation of secure digital learning systems and digital content development tools; the deployment of digital contents according to inmates’ specific educational needs in Romanian, Arabic, English, Russian, Greek and French language; the training of teachers or community volunteers in mediating technology-enhanced learning; the support to teachers in developing new digital content; and the deployment of assessment solutions.

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