INTEGRA: First short-term staff training with 40 professionals Silvia Bernardo June 21, 2019

INTEGRA: First short-term staff training with 40 professionals

This set of training sessions aimed at staff focused on the prevention of radicalisation in prisons and probation contexts, as well as in the community.

Over five days, between the 17th and the 21st of June, 2019, around 40 prison and probation staff members, as well as NGO representatives, from Portugal, France, Bulgaria, and Greece met at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, in France, for a short-term staff training course under the INTEGRA project.

INTEGRA project staff training jun19

During three days of this short training event, Pedro das Neves, from IPS, guided the group of participants through a comprehensive training content alignment. The last two days of the training programme were focused on presentations by the ICPA International Corrections and Prisons Association (also a formal partner of this project), inputs from external professionals (such as Samantha Enderlin from RIVE Research and Intervention on Violent Extremism – an exit programme that was in place until April 2019), besides the display of the INTEGRA e-learning training programme, content and features.

INTEGRA stands for ” Integrated community, probation ​and prison services radicalisation prevention approach” and it strives to improve the transition process between prison and/or probation systems and the community for those at risk of radicalisation or who have been radicalised. It attempts to achieve this outcome by promoting a holistic radicalisation prevention initiative focusing on skills development of frontline staff, and community organisations’ representatives.


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