Guatemala’s development of a national penitentiary policy Silvia Bernardo December 6, 2013

Guatemala’s development of a national penitentiary policy

QJ/IPS, through the advisory of Pedro das Neves – in the framework of Eurosocial II program -, is supporting the development of a national penitentiary policy in Guatemala.

Pedro das Neves intervention is focusing on the development of work and production models within the penitentiary system. The specific axis on activities for the social reintegration of former prisoners of the Eurosocial II program is under the responsibility of the Conference of Ministers of Justice of Ibero-American Countries (COMJIB).

Guatemala National Penitentiary Reform Policy

Eurosocial II program is financed by the European Commission aiming to contribute to an increase in the levels of social cohesion in Latin America. The program strives to support those national public policies that have been designed in order to improve the levels of social cohesion, and thereby also seeks to strengthen the institutions and organizations responsible for these policies.

Learn more about Guatemala’s National Prison Reform Policy 2014-2024 on its official website and /or by reading the official policy document (in Spanish).